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Corporate Accounts

At Taffy Bear Ltd. our focus is on how we can personally help you select the right promotional items and products to acquire, strengthen and grow relationships with your customers and employees. 

Branded Promotional Gifts work for marketing and professional brand development because they centre around giving your customers something they want or need. They can also be a vital tool for employee engagement. 
People are far more likely to pay attention when they receive something for free at celebrations, event receptions, or unexpected giveaways , whether it's commercial gifts online, or promotional gifts that spread your message at trade-show or event. 

Freebies are opportunities to build revenue and relationships with other businesses and clients, reminding them that you are willing to offer value, and go the extra mile for your target market. What is more, the right branded corporate gifts at a brand party can literally put your name out there.  

Promotional Gifts can even save your business money, as they are an incredibly cost-effective form of successful corporate advertising. Because they are often retained and reused, the cost you pay per impression is minimal compared to expensive digital or social advertising strategies. Branded corporate gifts still work to preserve customer loyalty, building the ideal link between you and your client. 

Giving away branded gifts online, and offline reminds your customers that their business is important to you, and helps them to feel valued, and respected. Branded Gifts allows you to consistently share a positive perception, and consistent branding image for your company, centred around experience.

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